All the world’s a stage. Or so the saying goes. This manifests when we undergo a reinvention, a transformation from what we once was. Like actors in a film workshop or a filmmaking course, it can be sudden or gradual like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The transformation represents what we are willing to give up for what we want to be.

A house is sort of like that. It is as plain as one could be at the start. And you choose paint colours. Then plan around it. The garden, the furniture. In planning this you expect some semblance of growth. Your house actually tells you more about your personality than you would expect. 

Doors, for example, tell you how the homeowners attack life. Red doors are meant to stand out and in you face, take me or go out kind of statement. Very individualistic. Blue is fluidity and calmness. A trait for ready acceptance and support. Homeowners with this door are very welcoming although not very flamboyant. 

home decor

Your pantry is another thing. Kind of like how you drink coffee. If you take it black, you are more likely to be candid and outspoken, sweet drinkers are impetuous, free thinkers while those who prefer latte are the sweet talkers and charmers. And if you only have instant coffee, you probably are not at home a lot.

Your table and your overall messiness tells of how creative you are. Like in the middle of something another idea comes and so you have to take that train of thought. Inversely, an orderly room represents generosity of your time and praise.

One good indication of anxiety in a person is if they do not have a mess under their beds. If underneath the bed is so spick and span as well as their closets, then you would find a very anxious bed owner. Because having a hidden mess is totally normal. 

Your closet should be updated as often as possible. If it is not then you are longing for the past and trying to cling to it with the clothes from that period. 

There is no hard and fast rules in reinventing and transformation, just like there is no limit to who you could be. A splash of colour and furniture couldn’t define you but gives glimpses into the enigma that you are.