Apart from providing the essential necessities, parents place a high importance on their children’s health; “health is wealth” they say. While most of them are concerned about preparing healthy meals and providing vitamins, some parents have inadvertently ignored their children’s dental health leaving the responsibility to the dentists. According to Dental Direct, children’s teeth should be looked after from the time they start teething especially in Australia where there is a rise in tooth decay in children aged 5 to 10.

Dentistry performed on children often stays with them for a lifetime, which is why it’s critical to inculcate in them the importance of dental health and developing a good oral health habit at a young age. For busy parents, especially those who juggle job, home, and parenting at the same time, this could be taunting and frustrating. Below are some creative approaches to deal with this challenge.

  1. Create a fun environment by playing teeth-brushing toys, shows, and songs. This would both motivate children to clean their teeth and serve as an alarm to remind them when it is time to brush.
  2. Allow your children to choose the colour of their toothbrush and the flavour of their toothpaste, which will give them a sense of ownership and encourage them to use them frequently.
  3. Find a dental mobile app that your children will love playing and that will teach them how to properly care for their teeth and allow them to try out various basic dental treatments.
  4. Be the role model your children aspire to be like. Children always look up to adults and try to emulate them even the way they brush their teeth!
  5. Find a dentist who will make your children feel at ease and who will make them look forward to going to the dentist when the time comes. It is worth noting that most children graduate to orthodontics if they like the dentist, and this relationship will last even longer after that stage.

It is easier said than done, but the key is to give it a shot and get started early as your children’s oral health will determine their future quality of life and ability to carry themselves at some point of their life.