One of the most special moments in our lives was our house warming party to celebrate the renovation we had completed on our home. There is something uniquely awesome about transforming your own home into the kind of residence that you have always aspired to living in. When we walk around our house and in every room, we can reach out and touch something that we personally built or renovated. It might be an archway into a newly expanded living space, where we connected two rooms. It might be the spiral staircase we had installed. There are so many structures and spaces to celebrate in our newly renovated home. House warming parties and celebrations are so much better in a sensational new abode.

The Best Caterer We Could Find

We decided to not stint on anything for this house warming party to end all house warming celebrations. We tracked down the best caterer we could find via word of mouth from our most trusted friends. If you are looking for fine catering in Sydney, then, check this site out for a list of amazing menus and the full service they supply. We were more than happy with sublime food, the canapes, and the elegant service provided by the waiting staff. My partner and I were totally over the moon about everything from start to finish.

Fond Memories of this Special Occasion

We have fond memories of this special occasion and still can taste the champagne and the smoked salmon. We both love good food and good times. Life is too short to not take advantage of those opportunities to party, when they present themselves. All of our friends and guests were blown away by the renovation and the catering too. We had a band playing on the balcony, with a tremendous female vocalist.

People Were Dancing Until the Wee Hours

She sang many of my favourite songs doing covers of The Cranberries, Blondie and The Dixie Chicks. People were dancing until the wee hours and a good time was had by all. Our newly renovated home was pumping like a nightclub or disco. It reminded me of the time that I had my hen’s night at the coolest club in Sydney at the time. The drinks were flowing and the cocktails were sublime. The music was awesome and I definitely drank too much. House warming parties and celebrations are pretty important occasions in my book.