It seems like such a common-sense thing to do. It’s not rocket science after all. The fact that we haven’t been doing it all that well for a very long time, is probably more extraordinary, when you think about it. Living in harmony on this planet, with each other and with all the other life forms too, seems to me a sensible thing to do. Relationships of all types and sizes are, usually, more enjoyable when they flow harmoniously. Fights, whether they be between couples or inside families, are, in my experience, more trouble than they are worth.

Family Squabbles Shatter Peace

When my children squabble unceasingly, it drives me to despair at times. I think to myself, we made you out of love and we love you both more than anything else on this planet. I cry ‘time out’; and remind them both of their responsibility to keep the peace inside the home. They are entering their teenage years and I hope that they will learn to love each other as they get a little older. Blood is thicker than water and all that stuff.

Small Worlds & Suffering Animals

People who resist opening their hearts to people from outside their family and outside of their race or community are attached to a small world conceptually. They do not want to extend their courtesy and respect beyond the borders they have established within their minds. What about all the dreadful things we have done to animals over the years? Innocent and devoted animals slaughtered on massive industrial scales for our pleasure and utility. There are companies rectifying this cruel behaviour and details such as you will find here confirm that. Many people do not bother, even, thinking about the plight of animals on this planet in servitude to human beings.

We Can Leave Our Savage Roots Behind

Living in harmony on this planet should not be that difficult, when you think about it. We have the technological know-how to leave our savage roots behind. We do not need whales for flesh or fuel. We do not need to eat flesh at every meal, seven days a week, but the industrialisation of the food processing chain encourages wealthy western human beings to do just that. The result is heart disease and cancers. Capitalism and the free market economy are focused on making money from whatever pursuit they are involved in. Balance and harmony are not levers on the great economic machines that drive our nations in the 21C.