At certain key times in our lives, we are challenged to reinvent ourselves. This may take the form of a new job, where different skills are demanded and we take the opportunity to tweak the concept of who we are. New relationships can, also, present scope for reinvention, as we strive to meet what is required by our newly acquired partner. Reinventing who you are is an exciting extension of your own franchise, perhaps, not quite a sequel but something close. We live in an age of self-promotion, as we digitise the records of our lives via social media and the internet. Reinvention and renovation are both creative concepts to be regularly considered and entertained.

Reinvention is a Modern Concept

In medieval times, it was a sin to think that you could improve upon what was God given. Your life, the way you looked and what you did for a living were, most often, preordained. Serfs and peasants, generally, belonged to the lord of the land, their feudal master. It was rarely possible for a ‘villein’ to reinvent himself or herself. The gulf between classes, between the gentry and the common people, was enormous. The poor were owned by their masters, like goods and chattels. Reinvention was not really possible, it is an entirely modern concept.

We Are Free to Make Cosmetic Changes

Today, we are free to make cosmetic and more substantial changes to the way we look and who we are. The info on this website is a good example of the things that we can improve upon and alter in the 21C, things like cosmetic dentistry and better dental hygiene, even, in our sleep. Reinventing who you are and your improving your appearance are no longer revolutionary acts in the lives of human beings. Plastic surgery is fast becoming a very popular option for those in the wealthy west.

We Can Upskill & Reskill

In addition, we can take the opportunity to study and learn new things. Perhaps, get a tertiary degree or technical training from TAFE or a private college. We can upskill and reskill. We can improve our appearance through paying attention to what we wear. We can get fitter, perhaps lose weight and improve our diet. There are many things we can do to reinvent ourselves. A positive mindset and an appreciation of our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, can make lasting changes to the concept of who we are and how we go about our business.