Pinterest Part 2

So you're interested? Here are some simple steps for using Pinterest for your business.

  • Pinterest is still an invitation-only site. Requesting an invitation can take sometime so if you know someone already using Pinterest ask them to send you an invitation.
  • When signing up register using the same email address your company uses for its Twitter account. This way you will be able to share your pins on Twitter also. Currently Pinterest doesn't offer a connection to Facebook business pages.
  • Before you start "pinning" optimise your profile. Do this first, once you start pinning you may not stop. Start with your company name, description, your website, your logo, and turn link to Twitter on. Make sure you turn Hide OFF so that your Pinterest profile is visible from search engines.
  • Let's Pin! Start by creating your Pinboards. You could even name them based on keywords you already use in your SEO strategy. Create as many boards as you like with a wide variety of topics.
  • Using the search function or the "everything" link start looking for pins to add to your boards. Repinning from within Pinterest is a fantastic way to connect with others who may not know you yet.
  • Using the Pinterest Bookmarklet or Pin it Button add images from your website.
  • Avoid too much blatant self promotion as you will limit the number of followers you get.
  • Pin from many sources rather than one specific site.
  • Start following people who you want to follow you.
  • You are able to add hash tags in comments. If relevant do it!
  • Promote your Pinterest presence on any other social networking sites that you use.
  • Use other social networking sites to find out what your customers want you to pin about.
  • For a company Pinterest can be a great way to highlight aspects of your business that may not come to mind when people first think of you. Maybe you support a certain charity, promote it! Let people know you are more than a brand, that you are people who care and think about more than money.
  • Lastly, make your boards visually appealing and fun. You can change which pin you want to be your board cover to catch a viewers attention.

So now you're ready, be warned! Pinterest can be very addictive.