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Services we offer

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Since 1996 Creative Concepts on the Sunshine Coast has delivered to our clients a complete in-house advertising and marketing service. We carefully plan our strategies to ensure that you receive the best possible return for your advertising dollar, after all your marketing budget should be viewed as an investment, not a cost… an investment we’re determined to get you a great return on. Whether a smaller regional business or a large multi national company, Creative Concepts can assist your business in many disciplines, including:

Graphic Design & Branding

Effective branding should give total recognition of the overall benefits offered by the product or service to the relevant market. It is important to adopt a holistic approach, or an “overall brand strategy” which ensures consistency between the brand and the clients overall business goals.

We create great design for clients all over the Sunshine Coast, from Caloundra to Maroochydore; from Noosa to Montville and beyond. At Creative Concepts we believe establishing a brand is more than just meeting a checklist of requirements. Rather, a brand is a combination of beliefs, characteristics and qualities, working together to create a personality, eventuating in the product values being correctly recognised and accepted in the marketplace. We work with clients from strategy to execution to develop, implement, grow and protect what is one of their most valuable assets: their brand.

Printing & Print Media

Printed material and traditional print media are still a very effective way of promoting your product or service. Whilst Creative Concepts are a progressive agency and abreast of the latest techniques, our background is in print and this is where one of our greatest strengths lies. Great effort is made to ensure that any printed material we produce is the best it can be. Whether it is a full colour glossy brochure or a small print ad for a newspaper, great care is taken to ensure pictures and colours reproduce as they should and the integrity of your brand is maintained. This kind of expertise only comes with experience and at Creative Concepts we have that in spades.

Media Planning & Placement

At Creative Concepts we plan the most cost effective advertising campaign, within your budget requirements, to ensure that your advertising message reaches your market. This will usually require a mix of various media, all carefully selected to ensure maximum cost effective exposure for your product or service.

Effective media planning requires considerable research and an extensive knowledge of the media industry. The demographics of your target market are carefully aligned with the most effective media, whether that be newspapers, billboards, radio, cinema, magazines or TV. The days of appearance and position in each publication plus the advertising slots for the radio and TV programmes are firmly negotiated, ensuring your message reaches your market.

Based on the volume of advertising we place annually we are able to negotiate very attractive rates, ensuring the maximum reach for your advertising dollar. These attractive placement rates are passed on to our clients.

Websites, e-marketing & Social Media

An effective web presence is no longer just an on-line brochure website, today it should and must work much harder for your business. It is one of the most cost effective and accountable mediums to sell your product or service.

We believe that user experience and ease of navigation is paramount in creating a great website, the user should intuitively feel they know how to navigate the site and find the information they want.

We utilise the latest techniques in web development to ensure your site will rank highly in organic web searches and include a CMS or Content Management System to enable easy in-house maintenance and upkeep of information. Shopping carts, secure payment systems, online bookings, feedback and voting are all services we can build into your site.

Beyond the actual site though Creative Concepts are highly experienced in the use of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and other techniques designed to drive traffic to your site. We can also help you with a social media strategy that is easily maintainable within the CMS of the site. Allowing you to make updates in one central place and have the content distributed to all relevant channels. This not only saves you time and money but makes it far easier to keep up your social media presence.